Resources will be posted here throughout the semester.

Course Communication

We will use Slack to organize course discussions. Sign up for our course Slack team here! You will need to create an account with a username, and log in to read and post. You can use Slack right from a web browser, or you can download a standalone Slack application to your Mac, Windows, Linux and/or Android/iOS device. You can control whether you receive notifications on new posts by going to Preferences, as well as decide which ‘channels’ to subscribe to. A ‘channel’ is a discussion thread, which is used to organize communications into topics. You can learn more about Slack features here.

Several channels have been set up for specific parts of the course. Links to these channels are posted on the Lectures schedule. The TAs will provide additional resources and discussion regarding the lecture material in these channels. They will also answer any quesions that arise. Feel free to ask questions during class, or anytime. You can browse the available channels in our team by clicking on “Channels” on the left-hand panel.

There is also an #anonymous channel that you can use if you’d like to ask a question or provide a comment anonymously. To have a post appear anonymously in this channel, compose a direct message to yourself (by clicking on your username in the ‘Direct Messages’ menu on the left panel) that begins with /anon #anonymous your question. Then the text your question will be sent to the #anonymous channel by the anonymous bot.